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Kansas Water Authority

The Kansas Water Authority advises the Governor, Legislature and the Director of the Kansas Water Office on water policy issues. The Kansas Water Authority is responsible for approving water storage sales, the Kansas Water Plan, federal contracts, regulations and legislation proposed by the Kansas Water Office.

Basin Advisory Committees

Basin Advisory Committees (BACs) were first established in each of the 12 river basins in Kansas on June 28, 1985. Each BAC determines the number of members and the categories represented on that BAC. Each BAC consists of several member representative categories to provide maximum citizen input on basin issues. All BACs have seven "core" categories: agriculture, conservation/environment, fish and wildlife, industry/commerce, municipal public water suppliers, recreation and one slot for an at-large public member.

Kansas Water Office

The Kansas Water Office and the Kansas Water Authority were established in 1981. The Kansas Water Office is the water planning, policy, coordination and marketing agency for the state. The Kansas Water Authority is statutorily within and a part of the Kansas Water Office.

The primary statutory function of the agency is the development and implementation of the Kansas Water Plan. State law requires the Kansas Water Office to "Formulate on a continuing basis a comprehensive State Water Plan for the management, conservation and development of the water resources of the state.


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