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How is Water Used in Oil & Gas Exploration in Kansas?

Water and energy are interdependent. Water is an essential component of deep shale gas development. It is used for drilling, where a mixture of clay and water is used to carry rock cuttings to the surface, as well as to cool and lubricate the drillbit. Water is also used in hydraulic fracturing where a mixture of water and sand is injected into the deep shale at high pressure to create small cracks in the rock that allow natural gas and oil to freely flow to the surface. Hydraulic fracturing  has been taking place in Kansas for more than 60 years. Kansas was the first state in the nation to frac a well (Grant County, 1947).

Map Horizontal Wells

For more information regarding water use in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in Kansas see below:

Kansas Water Office - Hydraulic Fracturing & Horizontal Drilling Frequently Asked Questions

For general information on hydraulic fracturing and the State Inter-Agency Working Group visit the Kansas Department of Commerce site: Kansas Oil and Gas Activity in the Mississippian Lime Play

Recently the Kansas Water Office held their annual Kansas Water Issues Forum - Just Add Water: Kansas and the Economy, which brought together experts and citizens to learn and discuss current topics in water  planning, oil and gas development history, trends and potential in Kansas, horizontal wells and fracking and water permitting. There was also a panel discussion about what the role of government is in energy development.  Below is information and presentations on hydraulic facturing and horizontal drilling.

Panel Talks pdf graphic

Power Point Presentations  pdf graphic



November 27, 2012 - Oil & Gas Small Business Opportunities Conference: your Guide to Working in the MLP - Hutchinson, KS - 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Kansas State Fairgrounds Encampment Building



 Kansas Water Issues Forum Photos

Photo KWIF Panel Wichita

Photo Panel KWIF Hays

Photo Audience KWIF Hays